Q: How long is each session, and how much does it cost?

A: A session lasts for 1 hour, with a cost of R850 per session. (not covered by medical aid at this stage)

If feedback is needing to be given to a Third Party (such as a family member), this will be done so privately (not in front of the client) and is given to help, support and assist the client and family. The feedback sessions are R 500.00 per session. The session is between 30 minutes to an hour. Feedback sessions can be conducted in person as well as telephonically. Feedback sessions shorter than 30 minutes will be charged at the above rate on a pro rata basis.

Q: Who is Hypnotherapy good for?

A: Hypnotherapy is good for anyone who has ever had a challenge in their life, or for anyone who is interested in personal growth and development. The increased and expanded awareness that comes with Hypnotherapy will help you to become the best version of you!

Q: What issues can you work on in Hypnotherapy?

A: Anything that you feel deeply about and anything that is limiting you from becoming your best self. The connection between the mind, body and emotions allows for issues to be processed and perspectives to be shifted through the experience of movement.

Q: How many sessions will I need, and how long does it take to work?

A: A difference could be felt after the first session. The number of sessions you have and how often you have them will be discussed in the first session.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: I work with children (from 5 years old), teenagers and their families, as well as with adults who are wanting to heal.

Q: Do you only use Hypnosis in session?

A: I use a combination of techniques and modalities, including movement and play elements, so as to ensure a holistic approach to healing.

Q: Where are sessions held?

A: Heart Space Healing offers an at-home service for children and teenagers, so that children may experience the benefits of a therapeutic process in the comfort of their own home. In the event that the child’s home is not a suitable therapeutic setting, sessions will be held in Tokai.

For more information on my other therapeutic offerings, please visit Dance Therapy South Africa

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